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"Alt.Fractals: a visual guide to fractal geometry and design" ISBN 0955706831

" Life is fractal "
"Alt.Fractals: A visual guide to fractal geometry and design "  provides a wealth of visual reference material for mathematicians, designers, artists, and people who simply think that fractals are cool.

With over two hundred heavily-illustrated pages, Alt.Fractals starts with "standard" shapes like the Sierpinksi Triangle and Pyramid, Menger Sponge and Mandelbrot Set, and builds to more advanced subjects such as trigonometric fractals, scale-limited fractals and a discussions and maps of the Julia Set in four dimensions.

Alt.Fractals places an emphasis on graphical rather than textual explanation, and illustrates many "alternative" fractal variations that rarely appear in print (and some that may not have been previously published).

Illustrations: a mix of line art, formula plots, vector graphics and 3D raytraced models. B&W and greyscale.

pages i-vi, 1-225, paperback, 234156mm, 225 numbered b&w figures and illustrations
includes index of figures

price GBP14-95, USD22-50
= Publication Date: 18 January 2010 =

Alt.Fractals: A visual guide to fractal geometry and design    ISBN 0955706831